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Great Future of Lishan - Education and Research Center

          There are long-term remediation works, safe monitoring system and prewarning measures in Lishan landslide area; therefore, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB) carries out the plan called as ‘Management, maintenance and data analysis for Grand Lishan Area landslide monitoring system’. The aim of the plan is to expand the original management and monitoring range so as to secure the safety of aboriginal tribes in Lishan area and strengthen the protection of Deji Reservoir watershed.
          In addition to landslide remediation and slope monitoring, this plan takes into account the conservation of the ecological environment. In terms of G1, G2 drainage galleries, there are some number of bats which have inhabited in galleries, mainly including Rhinolophus monoceros and Myotis laniger, with about 600. In order to retain the bat habitat, long-term observation of bats life will be considered on the ecological environment classroom with the investigation of experts from Endemic Species Research Institute. Also, in order to preserve valuable research results and share diverse field data to domestic and oversea exchanges, the idea of establishing the Lishan education training center has been beginning to take shape.